Creeping Time

Creeping Time
1. The Last Knell (Intro)
2. Creeping Time
3. Brains In A Vat
4. Inside The Golden Cage
5. Lady Loneliness
6. The Prey
7. Destroy Your Past
8. The Demon Of Fear (Feat. Roberto Pasolini From Embryo)
9. A Fragile Balance (Awake The Beast - Part 1) (Feat. Mattia Casabona From Aspasia)
10. Chaos (Awake The Beast - Part 2) (Feat. Mattia Casabona From Aspasia)
11. Decapitated Rose (Feat. Björn \"Speed\" Strid From Soilwork)
12. Winter\'s Judgment (Feat. Nicole Ansperger From Eluveitie)