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» » The Clan - All in the Name of Folk (2016)

The Clan «All in the Name of Folk»

01. Overture (feat. Iain Alexander Marr)
02. Folk 'N' Roll (feat. Iain Alexander Marr)
03. Second Chances
04. Let Me Go (feat. Andrea Rock)
05. Jenny Porter
06. Whole Lotta Jig (feat. Tommaso Tornielli)
07. Irish Sky
08. Angel of the Sea (feat. Francesco Moneti)
09. Horns up and Fight
10. Ulisses and the Siren
11. Reel O'fire (feat. Stefano Iascone & Jacopo Ventura)
12. Home of My Heart
13. True Story (feat. Francis McLaughlin)
14. It's a Long Way to the Top

The Clan - All in the Name of Folk (2016)
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The Clan
All in the Name of Folk
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