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Thunder «All You Can Eat»

Genre Hard Rock
Disc: 1 (Starter - Live At RAK Studio)
1. Wonder Days
2. The Thing I Want
3. When the Music Played
4. Black Water
5. Resurrection Day
6. I Love the Weekend
7. Chasing Shadows
8. Serpentine
9. Be Good to Yourself
10. The Rocker
11. Superstition
12. Up Around the Bend
13. I?m Down
14. The Stealer

Disc: 2 (Main Course - Live At The Brooklyn Bowl)
1. Backstreet Symphony
2. The Thing I Want
3. Black Water
4. Low Life in High Places
5. Be Good to Yourself
6. Wonder Days
7. The Devil Made Me Do It
8. Resurrection Day
9. Stand Up
10. The Rocker
11. Love Walked In
12. Dirty Love
13. Up Around the Bend
14. Just Another Suicide

Thunder - All You Can Eat (2016)
All You Can Eat
 United kingdom
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