Role Playing Metal

Role Playing Metal
01. Tristram - Epic Metal (Diablo II)
02. Prelude - Main Theme (Final Fantasy)
03. Still More Fighting - Power Metal (Final Fantasy VII)
04. Title Theme (The Legend Of Zelda)
05. Gerudo Valley Theme (Zelda Ocarina Of Time)
06. White Wolf (The Witcher Series Medley)
07. Courage And Pride - Power Metal (Chrono Trigger)
08. Frog Theme (Chrono Trigger)
09. Scars Left By Time - Power Metal (Chrono Cross)
10. Dragonborn Comes - Epic Metal (Skyrim)
11. Song Of Elune - Epic Metal (World Of Warcraft)
12. The End Of The Millennium (Phantasy Star IV)
13. Dungeon Theme (Phantasy Star)