Sonic Foundation

Sonic Foundation
CD 1 ?Sonic Foundation?
01. Synthetic Paranoia
02. Beware Of Light
03. Frozen Star
04. Karmageddon
05. New Days Of Babylon
06. It\'s Coming Now
07. Shadow Complex
08. Maths Of Chaos (feat. Angelspit)
09. Eerie
10. For All The Bad Things
11. I Saved An Angel
12. Beware Of Light feat. Chris Pohl (Bonus Track)

CD 2 ?Androids In Agony? (Bonus Disc Only Available In The Limited Carton Box Edition)
01. Shadow Complex (Fallen Blackened Boys Mix by Helalyn Flowers)
02. Karmageddon (The Hunter Mix by Helalyn Flowers)
03. Frozen Star (Simon Carter Clubbed Up Remix)
04. New Days Of Babylon (Schwarzblut Remix)
05. Shadow Complex (Alien Vampires Remix)
06. Synthetic Paranoia (Hell:Sector Remix)
07. Frozen Star (EEXEE Remix)
08. Synthetic Paranoia (The Psychic Force OldSkool Remix)
09. Karmageddon (Ego Likeness Remix)
10. Maths Of Chaos feat. Angelspit (Junksista Black Velvet Remix feat. Diana S.)
11. Frozen Star (Push Against New Fakes feat. Ms Larsen Remix)